Pre-Treatment Plant

Pre-Treatment Plant can be supplied in a number of different formats including conveyor-ised spray plant and immersion systems. Working with your nominated chemical supplier the process could be a combined degrease/phosphate, zinc phosphate or chrome free system.

Plant can be manufactured in different materials including various grades of stainless steel or mild steel constructed into modular sections, where possible, which can then be assembled on-site utilising bolted joints.The process tanks for each stage recirculate the liquid utilising a pump system. The pumps connect to standpipes for each stage and each standpipe can be fitted with quick release couplings & spray nozzle assemblies.The standpipes can be constructed from a variety of materials including CPVC or different grades of stainless steel.

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All types of ovens can be supplied, modified and relocated, these include box ovens & conveyor-ised ovens which may be indirect or direct gas fired, electric or infra-red. All ovens are usually air-recirculated for drying or stoving of paints and curing of powders. Ovens are manufactured with a modular construction for simplicity of installation on-site.

Our air-seal systems are specially designed at work entry and exit to minimise the heat loss through the apertures and reduce ingress of cold air into the oven. We can supply Infra-red ovens for both paint & powder coating either as a stand-alone oven or as a combination of conventional air-recirculation and infra-red.

Electric, traditional or catalytic infra-red systems can all be provided. Pre-heat zones can be used to gel the powder before entering conventional ovens to minimise cross contamination of powders and increase production.

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Powder Coating Systems & Spray Booths

We can supply powder coating systems and spray booths whether manual or automatic, constructed from a number of different materials including mild steel, stainless steel and plastic. These can be fitted with cyclone systems or integral filter units.  We work with a number of the major application equipment suppliers to provide you with an integrated system.

Dry filter spray booths and water wash spray booths can be designed and installed to suit your requirements, being open fronted or fully enclosed. Air handling units to use factory air or fresh air from outside can be fitted to replace the air extracted from the spray booth area as required.

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